Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Post

Greetings, fellow Azerothians!

This blog, as the name suggested, is dedicated to the newest World of Warcraft class (well, it's not technically implemented yet, so I suppose that title should still belong to Death Knights, but since Monks exist in the beta we might as well start making that claim.) The next post will be an actual content post: this is the typical "Welcome to this new blog, here's why you should keep reading it, I swear I'm interesting and cool and 6'3", dark, and mysterious with a ripped body pay attention to me please" post all blogs are told is mandatory by internet law to begin with.

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Tao of Punching is to provide a detailed guide for all things monk related and pertaining to monks as well as any other future class that revolves around wandering into a dungeon with a bunch of people in plate mail or warded by spells and wearing dresses or skulking through the shadows - all of them armed to the teeth with legendary weapons or swords bigger than they are or with car doors strapped to their arms - and wearing only hide, a cocky grin, and then punching anything and everything you can see until it stops moving (or keeps moving, if you're a healing monk.) Of course, no future class can contain that level of awesome, so this is going to be a monk blog. This blog is going to update at least once a week, typically on Monday evenings to give you something to do the next morning while waiting for the servers to come back up. However, as more information becomes available and new thoughts occur to me, it might update more frequently, especially with any breaking news.

It will also contain numerous run on sentences (as the prior sentence indicates), way too many parenthetical notations (such as this one), and the rambling thoughts of an over-caffeinated long time World of Warcraft player with some attempts at humor mixed in as well as a potentially vain attempt to form a rivalry with another class for added humor. My money's on Paladins or Druids for this one, since they're the only two other classes that can heal and tank and hurt things, but who knows where this could go? We might end up hating rogues as we vie for gear, or warriors because they laugh at our tanking, or Death Knights since they could end up being the only class we can pick on since they still have a bit of shiney newness. We might even end up hating Warlocks, because then I can just copy jokes off of Christian Belt and not have to think too hard. Only time will tell!

What This Is Not:

This is not a guide to your optimal monk items/choices/rotations. A couple factors influence this decision. First, the fact that those elitist jerks at, well, Elitist Jerks will be able to do a far better job of it than I can: I am by no means the best optimizer in World of Warcraft and most of the advice I give here would end up being wrong, and since this is going to become the one-stop shop for all monk related information on the internet, at least for the duration of Mists of Pandaria, I'd hate to lead my fellow monks wrong. Second, it's way harder to think of jokes about the new tier set unless we end up looking like absurd pink Power Rangers at some point, at which point the jokes write themselves. Finally, the Monk class is still very much in Beta and will continue to be in Beta even after the Beta is out of Beta and Mists of Pandaria is live - I'll go into that in a later posts, but suffice it to say that Death Knights were still somewhat Beta after Wrath Beta had ended and I feel fairly comfortable making the same statement about Monks even though I've not yet played in the Beta - and since I'm not yet in the Beta, it's hard for me to make any concrete claims about mechanics since I haven't actually played a Beta Monk yet. Did you know if you type the word Beta enough times in a sentence you forget what it sounds like? I do now.

I'm sure there's more I can cram into this introduction post, but I think I've done everything a new wow blog needs to do, including linking to WOW Insider, Wowhead, and Elitist Jerks - though I suppose I should include a link to MMO Champion, but I'm not sure how to fit that in - and said the word Beta enough times for it to lose all meanings. So now I'm off to get an actual content post up, and if you read this far though this contentless first post, then congratulations! Have a Healing Sphere. Post something in the comments section if you feel up to it: what would you like to see out of this blog and about monks overall? Have any cool monk pictures from the beta? Email me at taoofpunching@gmail.com.

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